New paintings

The painting numbered 034 is the latest one on this site. It is again based on my fantasy and already sold international.

Exhibitions of my paintings

There was an exhibition in Halfweg from the first of October 2014 untill the first of February 2015.

New type of paint

In the paintings numbered 003 and 023 I have used a new type of paint “Gloss paint”. This paint provides for a special effect and I decided to use it more often in my paintings.


It is possible to attend one of my painting workshops. So far the participants are very enthusiastic. If interested, please send an email of give me a call. My phone number is +31 6 28539599.

Exhibitions of my paintings

2014 Halfweg
2012 Ouderkerk aan de Amstel, The Netherlands
2011 Stiens, The Netherlands
2010 Zeist, The Netherlands

Response to the website

It has been a while since my website was launched. I received a great number of encouraging responses. Actually, way to many to put them all on this site, but on this page you will find a random selection of the reactions received.

Anyway it all inspired me to continue this work and due to this, painting has become more and more fun. And for that I want to thank you all!

Selling my paintings

Quite a lot of people have asked me whether I sell my work. Not having thought about that so far, eventually I said to myself, why not? As a matter of fact, the paintings numbered 007, 016, 018, 020, 023, 029, 030, 032 and 034 have indeed been sold. To be honest, I am very proud of this.

Besides, I'd better get rid of some of my paintings, because due to lack of room in my house, I simply can't keep them all. And of course, creating the paintings just to put them away in some dusty corner would be to bad. Anyway, for reasonable prices my work is for sale now.

Borrowing my paintings

Possibly, someone likes my work, but just doesn't want to pay the price I am asking. No problem, would that be the case, I am sure we can agree upon a reasonable fee for borrowing my paintings for a certain period of time.



Looks good!!! Thanks for sharing.

Hi Sippy
This is beautiful. You have a real talent. I'm sure you gain great satisfaction from your art. Thank you so much for passing along!

Hi Sippy,
I had no idea that you were involved with modern abstract art. They are very impressive art pieces.

Your pictures are beautiful!